"She has really led the charge on helping to understand how to target women voters and how to turn them out."

Kelly Ward Burton

President of the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, Politico, 2014

About Page Gardner

A rare combination of visionary thinker, social entrepreneur, data-driven manager, and seasoned campaign and communications consultant, Page Gardner is regarded as one of the nation’s leading political strategists in the country.

An expert on the voting patterns of voters and a pioneer in recognizing the “marriage gap” between single and married women, Gardner built organizations with proven records of motivating and mobilizing the historically underrepresented Americans whose record participation decided the 2008, 2012 and 2020 presidential elections.

As an authority on demographic trends, voter participation, electoral politics and, with a particular expertise in the voting patterns of women, Gardner has written articles for many publications and appeared on CNN, Fox News, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS.

Getting Results

At VPC and its sister organization CVI, the Center for Voter Information, Gardner led the way in using a metrics-based, research-driven, results-oriented approach to civic engagement in a way that transformed the field, as well as the electorate.

Bringing cutting-edge methods to the civic engagement community’s mission of increasing voter participation, Gardner has championed the use of randomized, controlled experiments to measure and improve programs, models, and tactics in real-time. She has been a pioneer in the use of mail and digital technologies.

Rigorous evaluations of VPC’s work over the last seven election cycles have fostered dramatic improvements in the effectiveness and return-on-investment of VPC’s efforts, as well as those of her colleagues in the civic engagement community. Thus, Gardner enabled VPC to continually bend the cost curve, registering more than 5.7 million Americans cost-effectively during her tenure, as well as helped turn out hundreds of millions of Americans each election cycle, fundamentally changing the composition of the electorate..

Similarly—and long before Covid-19 transformed election procedures—Gardner and VPC revolutionized mail-based voter registration, Vote by Mail (VBM) and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) programs. VPC was a pioneer in digital registration and vote by mail requests.

Gardner's revolutionary discovery of a new demographic, unmarried women, and the power of marital status in determining whether one registers, votes and vote preference, fundamentally changed the practice of politics and the design of civic engagement programs.